29 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives – Working Alternatives for ExtraTorrent

29 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives – Working Alternatives for ExtraTorrent

April 12, 2019 Off By fifakodi

ExtraTorrent, undoubtedly one of the most popular torrent sites in the world, closed its doors on millions of followers on May 17, 2017. ExtraTorrent was the biggest metasearch engine website where content related to entertainment, mainly movies and TV Shows, were hosted. The website indexed millions of torrent from different websites, users could contribute magnet links and facilitate P2P sharing. It came as quite a surprise for the community of torrenteers who turned to the website to search for their quality torrents, and after the demise of ExtraTorrent, they had no other choice but to search for the best ExtraTorrent alternatives they could find.

The website bid farewell of millions of visitors by showing the message for them in gratitude “Thanks to all ExtraTorrent supporters and torrent community. ExtraTorrent was a place to be…


29 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives

After the demise of ExtraTorrent, many ExtraTorrent alternatives in the form of mirror websites or replicas surfaced over the internet. However, the site clearly warns to stay away from fake ExtraTorrent websites and clones as it has been taken down, with data permanently deleted, along with all the mirrors. The torrenteers were reluctant to visit these websites as there were reports that the websites were created by the authorities to track copyrights law infringers.

Though the clone websites that aimed to replace ExtraTorrent were pretty much the same in terms of design and functionality yet the new creators behind them were still under the shadows and were in sorts untrustworthy.

The ExtraTorrent community soon understood that their salvation lies elsewhere and not in the clones of ExtraTorrent.

Here is a list of best-working 15 ExtraTorrent Alternatives the torrenteers find trustworthy:

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. isoHunt
  3. IDOPE
  4. TorrentDownloads
  5. Worldwide Torrents
  6. RARBG
  7. LimeTorrents
  8. YourBittorrent
  9. AG
  10. Zooqle
  11. TorLock
  12. Monova
  13. Seedpeer
  14. BTScene
  15. Popcorn Time
  16. 1337x
  17. Demonoid
  18. Torrentz
  19. Mininova
  20. AnimeSuki
  21. Nyaa
  22. Toorgle
  23. BitSnoop
  24. TorrentReactor
  25. SumoTorrents
  26. TorrentHounds
  27. YifyTorrents
  28. EZTV

These all are the best ExtraTorrent Alternatives to try.

Using any ExtraTorrent Alternatives without a VPN torrenting can get you into trouble. Copyright holders can track your IP address to identify your actual location and issue copyright infringement notices, DMCA, and lawsuits. Hence, using a ExtraTorrent VPN will keep you anonymous & secure while torrenting.

Best ExtraTorrent Clones

ExtraTorrent has had numerous cloned versions, each which claims to be the original one. ExtraTorrent.cc has got to be the closet clone that emerged after the downfall of the legendary search engine.

The website is very similar to the original one in terms of interface and functionality and unlike other clones such as ExtraTorrent.ag, ExtraTorrent.cc does not redirect to any other website or search engine.

ExtraTorrent.cc indexes almost 55 million torrents-files and attracts staggering traffic of 36.9 Million. These all clone can also be used as ExtraTorrent alternatives.

The Best ExtraTorrent alternatives for streaming movies and TV shows

Majority of the torrents that are downloaded over the internet comprise of movies and TV shows. Many people turned to online streaming sites that streamed movies and TV shows after the popular torrents search engine closed down for good.

Here are a few popular online streaming ExtraTorrent alternatives:

The Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives Explained

Tough most of the ExtraTorrent alternatives are fairly old and do not need an introduction, we’ll still go through them one by one to help you choose the best Exrtratorrents alternative.

1. The Pirate Bay

If you call yourself a torrenteer, then you must be familiar with The Pirate Bay the best alternative to ExtraTorrent. Dubbed as “the world’s most resilient BitTorrent site”, the Pirate Bay lets you search, download and upload torrents of any genre ranging from movies, TV shows, dramas, music, games, software, courses, books etc.

  • Monthly Visitors: 193.2 Million
  • Top popular country users: US (21.70%)
  • Registrar: easyDNS Technologies Inc.
  • Started on: September 2003

2. isoHunt.to (Mirror website of isohunt.to)

Another popular torrents website, isoHunt is infamous for indexing millions of torrents across a number of categories. The website interface is quite easy to navigate through. In 2013, the website hid major setback when it lost the legal battle with the MPAA, agreeing to pay $110 million as a settlement. The website was taken down shortly after the verdict, but a few days later it was revived again by an anonymous group of people who apparently worked on the original website. The website can be considered as on the best ExtraTorrent alternatives to date.

  • Monthly Visitors: 811.8 Thousand
  • Top popular country user: US (10.22%)
  • Registrar: no record available
  • Started on: January 2003


It seems that the guys behind iDope were a big fan of Kickass torrents since they have written “a tribute to Kickass Torrents” under their logo. The website acts as a search engine that gathers info from various torrents hosting websites. The thing that makes IDOPE stand out from the rest is that it also has an Android App that provides ease of torrenting on Android devices such as phones, tablets, boxes etc.

  • Monthly Visitors: 10.3 Million
  • Top popular country user: US (12.95%)
  • Registrar: binero.se
  • Started on: July 2016

4. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads in another good ExtraTorrent Alternatives that has a unique ‘health’ feature that differentiates it from the rest. The health score depicts the quality of each torrents source. Green color represents that the quality of torrents is top-notch were are orange and red colors depict subpar torrrents.

  • Monthly Visitors: 14.1 Million
  • Top popular country user: US (11.42%)
  • Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.
  • Started on: November 2010

5. Worldwide Torrents

Worldwide torrents is a community for all torrents lovers. It gives them a base to download almost all listed ExtraTorrent movies, music, TV series, game torrents and more. It also has a Torrents forum where people with the same likes can make friends. It has been complained upon by many users thought that the site goes down every week, Wednesday to be precise.

  • Monthly Visitors: 2.7 Million
  • Peak popular country user: US (31.35%)
  • Registrar: NameCheap, Inc
  • Started on: 2016-11-30


RARBG was founded in 2008. It is a website that provides torrents-files and magnet links for P2P file sharing and using BitTorrent protocol. The torrents search engine contains a database with different categories that include movies, TV shows, music, games, and software.

  • Monthly Visitors: 89.9 Million
  • Peak popular country user: US (28.75%)
  • Registrar: unknown
  • Started on: unknown

Note: Unfortunate for some users, RARBG is banned in a few countires so users cannot access it. However, with a FastestVPN connection user can overcome all such restrictions.

7. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is a hub for torrenteers who want to download all entertainment media for free – but verified! It has verified torrents for movies, music, anime, games, TV shows and more. You can easily access it and download it from LimeTorrents.cc. Recently, Limetorrents.cc is being redirected to Limetorrents.io. this move may have been triggered due to the pressure imposed by the DCMA.

  • Monthly Visitors: 28.18 Million
  • Top popular country users: US (17.22%)
  • Registrar: NAMECHEAP INC
  • Started on: 2014-08-15

8. YourBittorrent

Founded in 2009, YourBittorrent is a result of a split in ownership of myBittorrent. It does not host files on its own, but it indexes information about the location of the torrents-file and where it can easily be downloaded from. The site lets the users access software, TV shows, almost all listed ExtraTorrent movies and more.

  • Monthly Visitors: 1.7 Million
  • Top popular country users: US (16.47%)
  • Registrar: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd
  • Started on: 2005-10-25

Note: Not all indexed torrent files are put up with the permission of the legitimate party, which might get you in trouble. Always be connected to FastestVPN while torrenting so you can torrent without fear of being caught.

9. AG

YTS.AG is another excellent hub for torrenteers. Though it is not a part of the original YIFY torrents group, it definitely aims to take its place. YTS.AG reflects the efforts to reinstate the YTS style website and the content that it originally had. This makes it an excellent ExtraTorrent alternative. YTS.ag is now being redirected to YTS.am.

  • Monthly Visitors: 109.1 Million
  • Most popular country users: India (12.48%)
  • Registrar: unknown
  • Started on: 2017-11-16

10. Zooqle

Zoogle is a non-profit indexing service. The data is aggregated and indexed without the intervention of a human. It requires registration though it does not keep any user logs except what is provided at registration. Since the closure of ExtraTorrent, Zoogle has gained a lot of traffic.

  • Monthly Visitors: 14.9 Million
  • Most popular countries users: US (13.63%)
  • Registrar: easyDNS Technologies, Inc.
  • Started on: 2013-03-22

11. TorLock

TorLock is already a super popular alternative for ExtraTorrent. It has almost all listed ExtraTorrent movies and known as the most resilient site. It is important to remember that TorLock is blocked in many countries and to access this torrent-indexing website in UK, Portugal and other countries you need to be connected to FastestVPN.

  • Monthly Visitors: 6.2 Million
  • Most popular countries users: US (15.66%)
  • Registrar: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd
  • Created on: 2010-06-06

12. Monova

Monova offers BitTorrent downloads. It was once the largest websites amongst all the other torrenting sites. It was closed down in November, however, it still has its mirrored websites available for torrenteers around the world.

  • Monthly Visitors: 1 Million
  • Most popular country users: Italy (20.96%)
  • Registrar: easyDNS Technologies Inc.
  • Created on: 2014-07-06

Note: Make sure you are connected to FastestVPN so you do not have to pay the consequences if caught by copyright agents.

13. Seedpeer

Anyone who downloads torrent-files regularly is well aware of SeedPeer. www.seedpeer.com is the best torrents source to get regular and verified torrents. The website lets you search and browse in various categories so you can find just the right torrent for yourself. Seedpeer is one of the best online platforms to search torrents-files, especially being a former Meganova search engine.

  • Monthly Visitors: 2 Million
  • Most popular country users: US (19.45%)
  • Registrar: Tucows.com Co.
  • Created on: 5 Dec 2014

14. BTScene

BTscene is abbreviated for BitTorrent Scene. It is a general torrent index for different genres and categories that include TV series, music, games, anime, ebooks and more. Enjoy BTscene as an alternative to ExtraTorrent, any device with FastestVPN.

  • Monthly Visitors: 3.2 Million
  • Most popular country users: US (14.89%)
  • Registrar: Enom
  • Created on: 2017-03-16

15. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time allows you to stream torrents directly and temporarily downloads it on the computer. It is a great source to stream favorite TV shows and almost all listed ExtraTorrent movies straight from torrents. Though, one needs goods internet speed to counter buffering. This is one of the many purposes to get FastestVPN – to stream at high speed and avoid any ISP throttling your internet speed.

  • Monthly Visitors: 3.4 Million
  • Most popular country users: US (14.01%)
  • Registrar: Tonic.to
  • Created on: 29-10-2014

16. 1337x

1337x is a platform that offers torrent based files via two options – through torrents link or a magnet link. The magnet link download facilitates 1337x users to download torrents files through any torrents client or download manager. This is what makes this dedicated platform favorable and popular.

17. KAT.cr

This is one of the giants of torrent downloading and uploading platforms. It deals in torrent downloading and Meta link downloading as well. Users can download it through any torrent client or download manager as well. KAT.cr delivers torrent files of all types. It is a search engine that has its own direct torrents links.

18. Demonoid

Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker that has made a comeback after 1 year and 8 months of downtime. It includes file-sharing related discussion forums and a searchable index for the tracker. This is a platform that features RSS feeds for different torrent categories as well.

19. Torrentz

Torrentz was a leading search engine in the world. It had a powerful search engine of billions of torrent files that it has been gathering gradually over a period of time from over three dozen of torrent providers. It was one of the most popular free torrent provider but unfortunately, the service has discontinued.

20. Mininova

Mininova is a site based in Netherlands which shut down in 2017 claiming that it had been running at a loss for some time. It was a platform that offered BitTorrent downloads and had the largest offering of copyrighted material.

21. AnimeSuki

AnimeSuki is a website that focuses on torrents of anime. It is not a tracker itself, but provides links to trackers instead. It has all the Japanese anime that the American companies have not licensed though none of the files are hosted on the site itself.

22. Nyaa

Nyaa.se is also a discontinued service which once proved to be one of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives once. It was one of the anime movie providers. The platform has animated movies of all categories with one of the largest collections.

23. Toorgle

One of the leading search engines in use is Toorgle which fetches the website where a file is available once the user searches for any torrent file. This makes it evident that Toorgle doesn’t host files and instead brings torrent site from where you can download the file or get a magnet link to it.

24. BitSnoop

BitSnoop was an amazing torrent site and one of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives for all the torrent lovers. It provided torrents of almost all listed ExtraTorrent movies, TV shows, e-Books, PC Games, Xbox Games, apps and more. Unfortunately however, the torrent site has been shut down for reasons unknown. The site operator declines to comment but did say that they handed over all the data to the site Zooqle, which can be the next stop for interested torrenteers.

25. TorrentReactor

The most active torrent provider in the world of internet is TorrentReactor by far. It brings the latest and most valid torrents to the table with vast categories such as anime, music, TV shows, movies and more. The platform is widely known to bring the best torrents for its users on a daily basis.

26. SumoTorrents

Not just quantity, but SumoTorrent is an excellent website which is a great provider of qualitative and valid torrent files. It is recognized for providing the best seeds and leeches to the visitors. The website may not have many torrents, but the ones that it does are reliable which makes it to this list.

27. TorrentHounds

The best torrents available on the internet will be found here. It is based on the same principal as all others and just like them, TorrentHounds is the provider to thousands of torrent files. It provides old movies, movies and more and makes an effort to regularly update the website and links.

28. YifyTorrents

YifyTorrents has millions of torrent files in their index which makes it one of the most famous torrent portal. The only drawback some may consider is that YifyTorrents (YTS) only has movies files. So if anyone wants registered software, games, TV shows, music, programs or others, then they should resort to the other ExtraTorrent alternatives provided.

29. EZTV

EZTV is introducing new method of acquiring torrent files. They can be done through either downloading the torrent files directly or by getting an automatic seed via torrent client and getting the RSS feed of EZTV. Though, the second option is not only time consuming but also takes up system memory as the download starts automatically without the user even knowing.

These all are the best working ExtraTorrent alternatives.

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The Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives Sites – Conclusion

ExtraTorrent unavailability has affected the millions of users it had. The torrenting world lost yet another gem though the gaps can now be filled with these best ExtraTorrent alternatives and best torrent sites extracted for people addicted to torrenting.

The site attracted millions of visitors daily being the 2nd largest torrent website after Pirate Bay. The creators voluntarily taking the website down, left the ground open for many competitors to take its place. Now, you can find your favorite torrent-files from this list of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives. Though you should always make sure that you are connected to FastestVPN, the best torrenting VPN, to protect yourself always and keep your activity anonymous to spies.