How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Amazon TV

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This mid of June will open ways for the long-awaited event, yes, FIFA Wolrd Cup 2018! Fans around the world will be looking for some authentic and convenient ways to follow all events as when they aired.


It’s a reality indeed that some fortunate fans will be looking the match live before their eyes but there are those who will be willing to look it over internet hence require, if not entirely similar, an equally good medium. To your surprise, watching it on Amazon TV is here for providing an amazing experience for fans around the world.

Having said that, all you need to do to follow the matches on your Amazon TV, is follow these easy guidelines.

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How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 On Amazon TV

­You can’t view the following content because “You belong to another part of the World” BAM! This is one of the numerous roadblocks which the fans will come across online when the tournament begins. This geo-restriction can be dealt with these steps and you will be able to enjoy the tournament without any hassle.

  1. Sign up for a VPN subscription
  2. Download and Install the App on your TV
  3. Connect to the Russian Server
  4. Visit on your Amazon TV’s Silk browser.
  5. Next, enjoy the live stream of FIFA World Cup 2018 online free.


How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Amazon Fire TV Stick with MatchTV

Among rest other streaming channels out there, MatchTV is another very popular streaming channel and it will be offering the live broadcast of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. However, it will not prevent you from following this tournament on your Amazon Fire Stick with MatchTV. It is because no matter where you are located, you can have a virtual access to MatchTV from your current location.

Here is how the whole procedure goes:

  1. Connect Your Fire TV Stick to the Router
  2. Access MatchTV via Silk Browser on Your Amazon device
  3. Enjoy live streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 on Amazon Fire TV Stick with the comfort of your home.

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How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Amazon Fire TV Stick with SBS?

Since SBS is known to be an Australian FTA network which offering streaming for a wide range of genres including sports. It will be broadcasting the FIFA World Cup 2018 online in Australia from day one. However, you can still access it by using the following steps.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Amazon Fire TV Stick via SBS:

  1. Connect your Amazon device to the Router
  2. Visit SBS & sign up
  3. Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Amazon Fire TV Stick with SBS for free.


TV Channels Broadcasting FIFA 2018

You aren’t just restricted to the aforementioned channel along and this is because you have got more variety to choose from

All you will need is connect to a VPN Server for a particular channel based on the region they originate from and you will be good to go.

Below, you can check the list of channels which will be officially broadcasting the tournament of the year.

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The U.S fans will need to consider FOX’s official website since it will be providing a live stream for FIFA World Cup 2018. Word is that it will be paid one, however, there hasn’t been such news declared from their end yet.

BeIN Sports

Beln Sports also known as King of Sports will be streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 live on its website. Besides, it is bound to serve many fans in the region.


Apart from other official websites providing a live stream of the long-awaited event, fans in the United States will have NBC which will also be broadcasting the World Cup.



DirecTV, an official broadcasted for FIFA World Cup in the Caribbean, will be broadcasting all the games on their official website


ITV, with a marginal audience share in UK, has also geared up to prepare its biggest broadcast. Fans will be able to stream all the games on their official website

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The Sky App can be downloaded from iOS App Store and Google Play store. The sky is in line for being the official broadcaster for many countries like Chile, New Zealand, and Honduras. It is a famous channel which is filled with many sports including but not limited to: Cricket, Football, Golf, and Hockey etc.


An Australian broadcaster SBS will be streaming live broadcast of FIFA World Cup 2018 on its official website.

Kwesé Sports


Having set its foot recently in the world of sports, Kwesé will be live streaming the FIFA World Cup on its official website as well.


This usual football broadcaster in Africa will be ready with a live stream channel covering World Cup 2018 on its official website.

Sony LIV

For all the sub-continental countries, Sony LIV will be providing an exclusive live stream for all the fans around the world

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All ESPN Sports channel’s followers should find this point to their interest that ESPN free streaming channel is a part of official ESPN Sports. ESPN Free will be broadcasting free live stream and it will be really smooth. However, fans should make sure that they have high-speed internet to enjoy the match.


Mobile viewers can stream the event through the CBS Sports App. It is readily available to the user. It is one of leading sports app covering majority of the sports around the globe.


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FIFA Teams

Soccer fans who are fanatical about the upcoming event will obviously want to stay up-to-date with their favorite teams, most probably they already are. However, for those are new or don’t possess much information regarding which teams are playing can check it here:

You are now all set to watch the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 on Amazon TV, but keep in mind that VPN will be there to provide you complete security, anonymity, and full smooth access through geo-restricted servers. That’s not all! You can use VPN to download torrents and much more.