How To Watch FIFA on Apple TV – 2018 FIFA World Cup

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As we witness the FIFA World Cup 2018 nearing, we can see the rise in excitement level amongst the Fans proportionally. We at VPN understand how the craze to watch this global tournament has kept the fans busy in looking for authentic ways online. For Apple users, watching this grand tournament on their HDTV is a fabulous choice. Hence if you are looking to watch FIFA on Apple TV, then you must go through the guides we have made for you and enjoy the live stream of the tournament as they take place.

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Watch FIFA On Apple TV Without Cable From Anywhere

FIFA World Cup 2018 is the biggest tournament in the World, will be broadcast in the entire world. Majority of the top-notch channels will be covering all the tournaments but this isn’t all, they will be screening it online as well. Fans around the world who wish to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 live on their Apple TV can stream the tournament through the top broadcasters namely; BBC, SBS, MatchTV, and iTV for free.


But before proceeding any further, you would like to be aware of the fact that these channels which we have mentioned are geo-restricted and can only be accessed from certain specific locations. For an instance, BBC’s access is provided by the UK server location, SBS can only be accessed from within Australia and MatchTV is from Russia. However, this restriction cannot prevent you from streaming the FIFA World Cup 2018 live on these channels and this because we at VPN have done our homework to accommodate your desire for streaming on AppleTV.

Here is how you can watch FIFA on Apple TV from anywhere for free

  1. Connect your Apple TV to a Router
  2. Access the Streaming Channel (BBC, MatchTV, SBS, iTV) on your Apple TV browser
  3. Watch FIFA on Apple TV live for free.

So that is how you can easily stream or watch FIFA on Apple TV from anywhere, without buying costly streaming subscriptions.

To know how you can stream on different channels, use these guides below to access each channel on Apple TV and enjoy the FIFA World Cup tournament live from anywhere.

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Watch FIFA on Apple TV with BBC

BBC is the biggest television network in the United Kingdom. It will be an official broadcaster of FIFA World Cup 2018 and you can stream the FIFA tournament with convenience on Apple TV with BBC from anywhere; without being bothered by geo-restrictions.

Here is how you can watch FIFA on Apple TV for free with BBC:

  1. Open Apple TV Browser and visit BBC website OR get the BBC iPlayer app for Apple TV
  2. Sign up for a free BBC iPlayer account
  3. Watch FIFA on Apple TV with BBC for free.


How To Watch FIFA on Apple TV with MatchTV

MatchTV provides the streaming of almost most of the sports which take place worldwide and it will also be streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 live online. But since its streaming is only available in Russia, therefore, you will need a VPN to access MatchTV and watch the tournament on your Apple TV from anywhere for free.

All you need to do is follow these steps and access MatchTV to stream FIFA World Cup on Apple TV:

  1. Connect Apple TV to Router
  2. Access MatchTV via Apple TV browser
  3. Enjoy live streaming FIFA World Cup 2018 on Apple TV with ease.

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How To Watch FIFA on Apple TV with SBS

For all Australians, SBS is nothing new as it is one of the popular TV networks that offers broadcast for a number of sports including football to its viewers. It will also be broadcasting FIFA World Cup 2018 online and you can watch it easily on your Apple TV.

Here’s how you can watch FIFA on Apple TV with SBS:

  1. Connect your Apple TV to the Router
  2. Visit SBS on Apple TV browser & sign up
  3. Watch FIFA on Apple TV with SBS for free.


Watch FIFA on Apple TV with iTV

iTV is also one of the numerous streaming options for football fans around the globe who are looking to follow the matches on their Apple TV. iTV will be dedicated in covering the events of FIFA World Cup 2018 and it can be accessed by fans on their Apple TV by iTV’s live streaming. However, since it iTV operates in UK therefore fans will be requiring a VPN service to access iTV on their Apple TV.

Here’s how you can watch FIFA on Apple TV with iTV:

  1. Connect the Apple TV WIFI to Router
  2. Access iTV website on Apple TV browser & Sign up
  3. Enjoy streaming FIFA on Apple TV live with iTV for free


FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule

After you have successfully configured your devices with VPN, you are now ready to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 on Apple TV. Below is the complete schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 for you so that you can stay updated about the upcoming tournaments of your favorite teams.

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Teams to be Considered:

Altogether 32 teams will be competing for the World Cup Trophy just like the usual. Personally speaking, there are a few teams which I believe can take the Trophy home with them. Let’s take a look at each one of them:


Germany is the 2nd most successful team in the World Cup after Brazil by winning the World Cup trophy 4 times. They won it last time and looks to be in great form at the moment to clinch the trophy again this time.


Brazil is always the favorites no matter the situation. Although not many star players in the team this time, but with the presence of Neymar and Coutinho, they one of the most dangerous sides in this year’s FIFA World Cup.


In the last World Cup, Argentina reaches the finals all thanks to Leo Messi, but unfortunately, lost to Germany. This year, nothing has changed in their squad but still, with Messi in the team, Argentina is still one of the top teams in the competition.


Spain won the 2010 FIFA World Cup and although they didn’t do much in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, this time they have a very dangerous squad with the inclusion of Isco and Tiago Alcantara.


Portugal won the 2016 Euro where Ronaldo single-handedly won them some crucial matches. They have almost the same squad for the 2018 World Cup and fans must watch out this Portugal side because they are surely going to go a long way into the FIFA tournament.

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Wrapping Up

FIFA World Cup 2018 is just around the corner and by following these guides you can gear up and prepare yourself in advance to watch the all the World Class matches on Apple TV without any sort of inconvenience. Therefore, go through this guide and set up your Apple TV in a manner which I have elaborated for you above and you are all good to go!